Brew Day – Armistice Amber Ale

Amber Ale ingredients

Where's the beer on this cooking and homebrew blog?  I know, we have been slacking on posting about our homebrews from Armistice Brewing Co.  But rest assured, we have certainly been drinking plenty of it.  And we just brewed this Amber Ale again last week.  Pale ales are a staple in our household, and Steve has been trying to get me more into the malty and darker ales.  So this was his attempt to bring me over to the dark side - an amber ale with lots of hops to appease my need for the bitter, floral flavor.  I'm not quite proud to admit this, but a keg of this amber ale is certainly one of the fastest draining in our house. Summary: ABV ~ 6.7%, Hop Profile: Pine Malt, Profile: Caramel/Biscuit
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