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Dallas, TX - Spiral Diner & Bakery


Dallas, TX – I have been traveling a lot for work lately.  It has been hectic, exhausting, and I invariably get sick anytime I have to get on a plane.  But the upside is that I have been seeking out local vegan restaurants to try.  On my recent trip to Dallas, I made a quick stop at Spiral Diner & Bakery before heading to the airport.

Spiral Diner in Dallas actually has a sister-restaurant in Fort Worth.  When my best friend and Steven’s brother were living in Fort Worth, they made sure we tried Spiral on our trip.  It was probably the first all-vegan restaurant we had ever been to, and it was awesome!  The Spiral in Dallas is no different.  I love the casual vibe, the soda fountain with interesting sodas, and the huge all-vegan menu.

I started off with a spicy ginger soda from the soda fountain.  So gingery that I felt my sinuses open right up!


 For an appetizer, I tried their homemade hummus with tortillas and corn chips.  Even though I got the half portion, it was huge, and it looked like I barely put a dent in it.


 To be honest, I wasn’t even that hungry when I went in for a late lunch.  But I felt compelled to order a bunch of food just to try.  So next up was their special soup of the day – gumbo.  The gumbo was spicier than I expected, but I loved the okra and veggie sausage.  Before going vegetarian, I was never a fan of sausage.  Now veggie sausage is my complete weakness.

On the side, two large scoops of creamy potato salad with lots of dill.  A perfect lunch.


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