Going All In…

vegan cookbook collectionThis is a food and beer blog, but I’m so happy I can’t hold back from writing a completely personal post sans the recipes and libations.  My decision to go all in and be completely vegan will certainly have some effect on the blog, all for the best I’m sure.  It will mean more creativity, more experimentation, and a lot more posting! The decision to adopt a completely vegan lifestyle has left me inspired and excited.

I keep saying “completely vegan” because I’ve eaten mainly vegan for a while now.  Probably 80% vegan and 20% vegetarian for the past year.  Going vegan has been a process for me that started three years ago, and I made some changes quite easily. Almost as soon as I attended my first Animal Law class, I started to give up eggs and milk in the morning.  Breakfast was a small change, but as I learned more and more about factory farming, it was something I was  open to.

The next change was when I started to eat completely vegan at home.  This was a slightly larger step as I had to cut cheese from most of my recipes, and removing cheese is basically sacrilegious in my family.  But still, I made the decision that non-vegan food was healthier, so I would give it a try at home.  I was still open to eating dairy whenever we went out to eat or someone cooked for me.  My logic was “my choices are already limited at restaurants” and “I don’t want to inconvenience anyone nice enough to cook for me.” Plus, I still wanted nachos with my margaritas! With this step though, our fridge became full of soy milk, almond milk, Tofutti, and Earth Balance as well as lot more veggies.  I bought a lot more vegan cookbooks (see above) for inspiration, and Steven and I started to explore how great food can be without any animal products (he’s a big fan of Tofutti sour cream!).

So why the final step? Because it’s encouraging me to be healthier. Because it’s better for the environment. Because it tastes delicious.  Because I love the challenge of veganizing my favorite recipes. And, finally, because it feels fantastic when what is on my plate is in line with my values! I’m so excited for this next stage in my life and entirely grateful that I have the support from the people I love.

Stay tuned for plenty more plant-based, delicious recipes…

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