Blueberry Corn Muffins


corn muffin 3

Confession time: I used to talk a lot of trash on New Jersey.  I grew up in the Philly suburbs, and that meant that the yellow licence plates signaled bad drivers, the state was covered in fist-pumping, hair-gelled bros, and the area between the bridges and the shore was a dead-land.  But then we moved here.  And I realized that New Yorkers are really the worst drivers, Philly has more hipsters than Jersey has bros, and New Jersey is full of hidden treasures beyond the shore.  We discovered the cute old towns like Haddonfield and Collingswood.  We spent our weekends enjoying the expansive parks and strolling along the Cooper River.  More importantly, we met fantastic people. There is such a sense of community in South Jersey, and I feel privileged being able to join in.

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Asparagus & Leek Tofu Quiche

asparagus and leek tofu quiche

If you’re brand new to vegan cooking, there are a few things you just need to trust me on.  First, cashews are vegan magic.  When soaked and blended like hell, they become velvety smooth and can take the place of milk, heavy cream, or even plain yogurt. Second, the vegan meat and dairy alternative market is unbelievable right now! There are the heavy hitters like Field Roast, Beyond Meat, Miyoko’s Kitchen, Kite Hill, and Treeline, and there are constantly new products coming out every day.  It is really easy to find your new fave alternative.

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Fresh Herbed Focaccia

vegan herbed focaccia

I’ve learned more than a few things watching Steven brew beer, but one of the most valuable things I’ve learned is “Don’t fear the yeast.”  He recognizes that yeast can be tricky and doesn’t always cooperate, but the results are surely worth the effort.  Baking with yeast always seemed daunting.  Monitoring temperatures and making sure the bread would rise would send me into a mini-panic attack, which is certainly not something I am used to in the kitchen.  My approach to cooking has always been that recipes are rough guidelines and if I have to be completely sober while cooking it probably won’t work out.

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Tempeh Breakfast Hash

tempeh breakfast hashLast weekend, we went out for a special six course vegan dinner at Miss Rachel’s Pantry in South Philly.  I guess it was a celebration of one year of home-ownership, but really I have been dying to try this restaurant and needed an excuse for a fancy dinner.  Every Saturday night, Miss Rachel puts together a dinner for twelve guests at a communal table.  The menu changes each week depending on what they get from their farmers, and you have to purchase your seats in advance (several weeks in advance in our case).

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Healthy Hummus Avocado Breakfast Sandwich

Hummus Avocado Breakfast Sandwich

Hummus avocado breakfast sandwich


Hi there!  Let’s just not talk about the fact that it’s been several months since I last posted.  The only thing I can say is that life seemed to have gotten in the way – new house, new dogs (!), and planning a wedding.  It’s been crazy.  We are now less than nine months from the wedding, and with the new year, I have started to focus on cleaner eating.

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Irish Soda Bread for the Love of Your Life {with a Homebrewer’s Adaptation}


Irish Soda Bread

What to make your love for Valentine’s Day breakfast?  Soda bread, of course! This recipe screams love. So much love that it is welcome every day after Valentine’s Day.  And since this bread is so easy to make, I threw together a homebrewer’s version on Sunday night using spent grain flour from our Armistice Brew Co. Dark Saison.  Because true love deserves a dinner of Irish soda bread and Champagne.  Serve with Earth Balance and pure maple syrup to really pump up the flavor.

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